Belle Eder, Herbalist, Gut Health, GAPS Practitioner

Belle Eder is an experienced herbalist and certified GAPS practitioner who successfully works with all areas of gut health, inflammatory conditions, hormonal imbalance, auto-immunity, depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions.

Belle is available for consultations in Mullumbimby, and via Phone or Zoom from anywhere in the world.

Belle offers a FREE 15 minute phone-chat to discuss your health concerns, and work out whether you will be a good fit to work together. Call, email, or simply click the button below to book online for your chat now.

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After six years of an infectious illness, and as many years struggling with unrelenting big pharma treatments, I found my way to Belle Eder. By then I was completely depleted in body and despairing of any meaningful recovery. I was depressed, I couldn’t sleep, I had no energy and intolerance to exercise, my gut was ravaged, I had multiple food intolerances and insulin resistance, I was in constant discomfort and frequently pain, I was overweight, hypertensive and pre-diabetic. That was two years ago. Today I am none of those. Belle’s knowledge is broad and formidable; she was indomitable, often strict, but always compassionate and always good humoured. I owe my health to her work.

Aston was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. He wasn't talking or even babbling for that matter. He would wake many times a night and my husband would have to walk him around to get him to sleep. He also had IBS. The sims were many and seemed to be increasing. They included flapping, toe walking, eye rolling and obsessions with spinning objects. At this stage I spoke to Rob Elliott from Herbal Health and Iridology who suggested we get in contact with Belle who has a special interest in this area. It is a good thing we did because since we met her Aston has never looked back. The free initial 15 minute consult was perfect for helping us decide if GAPS was for us. From then on we have continued our long distance consults very successfully over Skype. Belle has made us feel nurtured from day 1 and I can say with great certainty that Aston would not have made the massive progress he has without Belle. The initial thought of it was daunting, but not nearly as terrifying as having a child who may never talk. That initial daunting feeling swiftly changed to absolute amazement and relief we noticed massive improvement in a very short amount of time. The IBS resolved within the first week and he started sleeping through the night within 3 weeks. The eye rolling also resolved very quickly and all the sims have dropped off over 6 months. He said his first word “flower” within 8 weeks. It has been like a fog has been lifted from his eyes and he is now living in our world. Implementing the diet was hard at the start but now it has become a new and improved way of living for all of us! As a parent of a child with challenges it can be a very lonely experience but Belle made us feel supported, encouraged and celebrated with us in watching him blossom. I would like to think our story will encourage other families to give the GAPS diet a go!

“Grateful and thankful are words I use when speaking about Belle. Belle has been my GAPS specialist/herbalist/nutritionist for almost a year now and I'm so thankful to have been recommended to see her by a friend of mine. I had tried many other paths and reached a severe health crisis. At the time I didn’t even know that my ‘gut’ was the problem per se. Belle’s expertise in gut disorders, alchemy with herbs, and empathy for her patients are some of the many reasons I highly recommend her every chance I get. I am healing really well and attribute a majority of my success to Belle’s guidance, direction and the ethos that ‘food is medicine’ (along with probiotics, fermented foods, herbs and supplements). Whether you have a gut disorder, severe allergies, aren’t feeling ‘right’, or need a health boost, do yourself a favour and see Belle. I trust her with my health - one of the most important aspects of my life.”

“Belle has a truly integral approach to good health and has helped me manage a number of niggling conditions with herbs and massage and sound nutritional advice. Conditions that my medical doctor had no idea how to treat. She is also such a joy to spend time with and I found appointments with Belle were ones I looked forward to as she is a very empathic, caring and supportive practitioner.”

Dearest Belle. Maybe you're away already? I just had to share something only you could really understand. I woke up, got up, leaped up the stairs to make tea and stopped!!!! OMG. I didn’t hobble, curse, groan or pant. What an amazing improvement. Thank you for supporting me. You are a darling.”

When I decided to try Belle I was suffering debilitating anxiety, relationship stress, digestion and gut problems, multiple allergies and joint issues. What Belle knows that other practitioners don’t is that all of these issues are connected and are healable. Belle wasn’t interested in bandaid ‘solutions’ to manage my symptoms like loads of supplements and rounds of expensive tests, she was after the root cause of my troubles. These problems took a long time to create and I’m now on a healing journey that involves my commitment and my patience, but the good news so far is this; My anxiety is minimal, my relationship is more peaceful, my gut problems are less frequent and I know what to do when they occur, I can now eat some foods that I wasn’t able to before, I rarely get itchy and my hands are no longer sore and swollen. Belle been a great support and a wealth of valuable information and I recommend her to anyone interested in taking responsibility for their own wellbeing.

We've been seeing Belle at Byron Health for 6 months now. Belle has this great balance of being incredibly knowledgeable & professional while being warm, open & easy to talk to. She has a gift for asking all the right questions to create a comprehensive picture of your overall health & is able to explain complex biological processes clearly & simply. As a result you then have the knowledge & understanding to move forward, taking charge of your health, feeling guided & supported by someone who has your best interests at heart & will always go the extra mile. I would highly recommend a visit to Belle- it will change your life!

My first consultation with Belle instilled me with confidence and a trust which was ultimately rewarded in life changing results. I quickly came to realise that Belle solves health issues through the knowledge that she has acquired from her extensive training and continued commitment to research. While for many ‘holistic’ has become a marketing slogan, Belle truly looks at the entire person both physically and mentally tailoring a solution to their specific needs. If you are looking to improve your health, both physically and mentally, especially gut health, I can’t recommend Belle highly enough. She really could change your life.

Belle is the only example of a true practising herbalist and healer that I know. She combines strong intuition with a deep knowledge and understanding of herbs, plant medicine, massage and gut health to create a holistic session that transforms. Among friends, we call the experience ‘the treatment’.

I have absolutely enjoyed working with Belle to improve my gut and overall health. She has held my hand along the way making the changes I needed to implement, simple . Belle's knowledge, passion and experience has supported me towards feeling the best I have in years. She is awesome to work with and I would absolutely recommend her.

I wish I had come to Belle sooner. She has shone new light onto diagnoses I had previously deemed hopeless and gotten me excited to start my healing journey. Her care and honesty make you forget you are a patient not a close friend and her wealth of knowledge has left me with new energy.

I had my initial consultation with Belle in late 2016. I was so impressed with her depth of knowledge and passion for Gut health. I loved how she explained what was happening in simple easy to follow language with diagrams as well! It made it very easy for me to understand what was happening to my body and why I was having the health issues that I had been having. She spent approx 2 1/2 hours asking me in depth questions about all sorts of issues in my life and I was struck by how caring and lovely she was during this time. I actually found the consultation quite an emotional experience and loved the simple steps she gave me to then start incorporating into my life. Belle has a passion for helping people and gives everything of herself in these consultations. The written report that followed couple weeks later was detailed and very easy to read. Since this time I have recommended Belle to several friends and I know that she will treat them in the exact same caring manner that she treated me.

I came to see Belle initially for remedial massage with an achy body and a list of other health issues that I couldn’t explain and basically just put down to the ageing process. After an in-depth consultation Belle mapped out a course of treatment that addressed all my symptoms. Any one working with Belle will be met by a rare personality blend, caring, intuitive and honest and direct. She has a unique ability to balance professionalism with her down-to-earth sensibilities, humor and humility. Belle is passionate about her work, her belief and confidence in her healing modalities and abilities provides hope and optimism for improvement, she will have you enthusiastic for change in an inspiring and educational way. Her body work is very powerful, she goes above and beyond to ensure I am aware of all other facets of my physical health and is always considerate of my needs. I highly recommend Belle for anyone who wants to really understand the complexities of gut health and its impact on all facets of the body and also for a dam good massage.

Belle has helped my son when no mainstream practitioner/medicine could. He'd been chronically constipated and taking laxatives on and off for 10 years. He then developed a form of anxiety that impacted on our entire family daily. No one could help... GP, pediatrician, gastroenterologist... Their only answer was increasing the dose of laxative! "He'll grow out of it" they would all reassure me. Then one day I met Belle by pure fate... 1700km away from where I live, we've never met in person and she could still help us thru Skype calls, messaging and many parcels sent! Her knowledge of herbs, the gaps diet, digestion, nutrition, gut health and mental health is amazing. It can be a long, frustrating road to health but Belle makes it easier and makes it happen! Thanks Belle.

All of my life I have been prone to gut issues, from severe bloating to pain and chronic fatigue. I had tried many different diets from anti-candida to gluten free but none to any avail. I first went to see Belle for bodywork but after some discussion regarding general health issues, she realised I needed some serious gut support. It was quickly established that I would benefit greatly from the Gaps diet, of which Belle is incredibly knowledgeable and equally passionate. With her guidance and knowledge of herbal medicine and supplements I was exponentially experiencing results. My bloating decreased dramatically, my stamina returned and generally I felt better than I had in a long time! Belle is a caring and amazing practitioner who I recommend highly. So very grateful I found her.

For 50 years I have struggled with my health because of intolerances. I have researched heaps, seen numerous practitioners and done everything I could but my intolerances continued to increase and my health continued to decline. I am so fortunate to have met Belle. She has been the support I needed to get my life back, by helping me to slowly overcome many of my intolerances and build a more balanced system. I still have a long way to go to get to my health goal but with Belle’s continued guidance and support I know I will get there

I am Codey Newton.
I came to see Belle several months ago. After seeing several doctors and a naturopath about my poor health. Basically I had been a heavy drinker most of my adult life and had basically no knowledge of gut health and how important the foods you eat have such an effect on your body physically and mentally. So I spent most of my adult life out bush working in isolated areas usually with limited access to Internet and such. We did have access to beer though. So getting drunk was a form of entertainment. One day my friend had his bucks party. We all got drunk. But I never recovered. The hangover lasted days then I started drinking insane amounts of water. As in 5litres during the day and about 3litres a night. Having to go to the bathroom every half hour or so. So I saw doctors with no real help. The naturopath diagnosed me with inflamed organs. So I did what he said but still was not really better. My girlfriend got me on to Belle, She put me on a strict diet. Because of my ridiculous drinking and eating habits I had destroyed the balance of bacteria living within me. Also with my diet I had to cut grains (including beer) out of my diet. Within weeks I was down to just drinking about 3 litres a day. Now I feel better than I've been in years. Turns out my body doesn't process grains. I have cut out all alcohol now. And there's no way I'm going back down that old road again. Like to say a massive thanks to Belle. Regards Codey Newton